BOD Minutes – August 4, 2022

MINUTES – August 4, 2022.
SITE – UHSAA Boardroom

The meeting began at 11:40 a.m.

ATTENDEES: S. Gardner, Miya, Carr, Valdez, Rydalch, Cowley, Bennett, C. Anderson, Cuff, Draayer, Fullmer, C. Gardner, Graybeal, Hawkins, Jones, Mathis, Michaelis, Mooney, Preece, Salvo, Smith, Stevens, Wharton and Wyatt.
EXCUSED: Toole, J. Gardner and Ferrin.

GUEST: Tim Carr

President Steve Gardner welcomed the Board of Directors to the meeting. You should have received an email about the latest committee assignments. Please look it over to see if you have any questions.

Tom said he is doing great after his heart procedure. Norma spoke with Frank and he is also doing better after some health issues. Hopes to be with us in Sept at the banquet

MINUTES: July 7, 2022- Steve
Motion: Chris 2nd: Rob Approved

Update on Fall Banquet- Norma/Rich

  • ●  Question of whether we are doing an official “kick off”? Norma passed out the calendar and the individual assignments for the HOF Banquet. She briefly went over the handouts to see if there were questions, problems or suggestions.
  • ●  September 6th will be the first ticket mailing. Rich will have Dave make the labels and print 500 tickets. Dave will drop them off at the UHSAA. Norma asked Rich to see if Dave could assist at Will Call that evening. Amy is going to make sure to purchase another credit card reader. Steve has the mailing envelopes.
  • ●  We need to make sure all the BOD have name tags. Cal can take care of this task. Joel is still on a cruise on the Rhine River (Germany), but he said the plaques will be ready and we need ads for the program. Susan will bring the flags, poles, banners and photo backdrop. She will also bring the signs for the Will Call table. The press release should be ready to release the third week in August.
  • ●  Paul is in charge of the ushers, but he wants to be promoted to Admiral from Captain! Mae is in charge of the speech length. Five to seven minutes max…after that we play music….then she cuts the microphone OFF.
  • ●  Look over the handouts for more details and your specific assignments.
  • ●  Norma told the sponsors they need to get their ads into Joel ($300 full page and $200 for 1⁄2 page). It is important to get the payment when you get the ad.
  • ●  September 20th will be the HOF honorees unveiling at the Museum. All the sponsors should be there. BOD members are also invited to attend if they can make it. Introduction of New Board member (Tim Carr)- Steve
  • ●  Tim was recommended as a BOD member by Shay. Tim is one of our honored officials. He has been an official, coach and professor. He has also written articles for referee magazines. Shay has worked with him at Westminster College. Shay said he is a great collaborator, problem solver, etc. and will do a great job. Norma commented that he is very knowledgeable, great with computers and will be an asset on any committee. Evan and Rich said he is an outstanding person and will make a great board member.
  • ●  Motion to accept Tim as a BOD: Tom 2nd; Brian Approved Steve welcomed Tim as a board member. *** note we need name tags for Tom, Tim and Nate. Fall Banquet Sponsors Report: Entrance song, Flag, Flag Bearer, etc.
  • ●  Steve Gardner (Scott Brumfield)- Steve said that Scott has three tables. The flag will be BYU and his son, Tyler, will be the flag bearer. Ads from Spanish Fork HS and Utah Tech.
  • ●  Deb Bennett (Norma Carr)- Deb said that Norma has done a lot of work to help…now she is just going to sit back and enjoy the evening. A lot of email invitations have gone out. So far she has seven tables for family/friends and another one from Davis HS. Ads coming in from SLCC, U of U, and Davis HS. Her flag and song are going to be a surprise. Flag bearer is Betsy ?.
  • ●  Tres Ferrin (Dave Checketts)- Dave has six tables. RSL ad and hopefully an ad from Jazz. His flag will be the Jazz flag and his grandsons, Connor and Teddy, will carry the flag. Song (maybe) Here Comes the Sun?…Still waiting on that.
  • ●  Larry Fullmer (Steve Konowalchuk)- Larry said that Steve left Utah at age 15 and went to Canada. But, he still has a lot of family in Utah. He is very excited and honored to receive this award. The flag will be the Washington Capitals (Larry got that flag to Susan today). The song is possiby “We Are The Champions’ ‘ by Queen.
  • ●  Kent Draayer (Cody Wright)- Things can start happening now that the 24th of July festivities are over. The towns of Beaver and Milford should be very supportive. The City Secretary is working on the ads. PRCA will be Cody’s flag and the music will be rodeo’s grand entry song (we will need to find out what that is).
  • ●  Sponsors will need to contact people buying ads a few times. Make sure the ad gets turned in to Joel for the program and the money gets turned in to Amy.
  • ●  Norma reminded the BOD to get their reservation in and bring at least one guest.
  • ●  So far we have 281 reservations (22 tables). Our goal is 500 people for the evening. Scholarship- Rich
  • ●  Rich said we have five students going to college, one going on a mission and two returning from missions. One student returning from the mission will be too late for the starting semester.
  • ●  Jenna Gibbons (SkyView HS) came down to see the Museum. She was impressed with the Museum and seeing her name on the Scholarship Board.
  • ●  Great Job Rich. Thanks for all your hard work. Stories from the Vault- Mae
  • ●  Five of the SOV for the HOF Banquet are to the editor. Dave Checketts interview is set for Monday. Mae said that the PRCA is sending a film crew to the banquet for Cody Wright. “Pretty Cool”!
  • ●  Mae and James currently have ten SOV under production.
  • ●  There is a display at the Museum from Dusty Rhodes on loan to us for a year. Included in the display is a picture of him with Babe Ruth. Officials Banquet- Steve

● Fred is the chairperson. The date will be January 23rd or 30th, whichever one is

available. We will be honoring 12 – 15 officials.

Museum Update- Norma

  • ●  Norma said the Museum is up and running…everyone needs to make an effort to stop by and visit the Museum. Craig will get the SignUp Genius up and running so the BOD can start volunteering again.
  • ●  Norma is working on getting the paperwork in to document our use of the money from the Legislature.
  • ●  We have had some problems with homeless people coming into the Museum. Some jerseys/uniforms have been stolen from the “take your best shot” display lockers. We are going to remove the jerseys/uniforms for now. Museum visit- Elaine

● Elaine has approximately fifteen people from the BYU Athletic Department (Liz

Gardner- assistant) that would like to visit the Museum on Wednesday, August 17th @ 9:00 a.m. The group plans to visit the Relief Society Building after their Museum tour. Mae will be in charge of the tour, but she will need some volunteers from the BOD to help that morning. Please let Mae know if you are willing to help. Please wear your name tags and USHOFF shirts.


  • ●  Brian said he really enjoyed helping the youth group tour the Museum. Thanks to Rich and Christina for also helping with that group. Brian also said he is “plugging” along trying to get photos/bios into the Gallery of Honor. He still needs additional information for the Gallery. Brian is posting things from the Museum every Monday on Facebook. Please share these posts.
  • ●  Brian asked if he could put some books he had written at the Museum. All proceeds from sales would go to the Museum. Elaine had books donated from Deseret Book for the Symposium. It is a great idea to highlight books written by Utah athletes. Great Idea-LINK IT. Norma told Brian to leave the books and prices at the Museum front desk. Thanks Brian.
  • ●  Tom wanted to let everyone know that Ben Lomond High School is going to name their basketball court in honor of Evan Excell. Amazing honor! Congratulations Evan.
  • ●  Craig proposed that the date of the Golf Tournament be Monday, June 12, 2023. Motion: Craig 2nd: Norma Approved.
  • ●  Mae mentioned that there is a Japanese/American Museum in Los Angeles. They asked Wat Misaka’s daughter for some memorabilia to display from her father. They are using our USHOFF Logo basketball with Wat’s signature to display for the next year. Wow…thanks Mae.
  • ●  Elaine would like to meet with her marketing committee immediately after this meeting. If there isn’t anything else… Thank you all for your attendance. The next meeting will be on September 1, 2022 at the UHSAA. The meeting ended at 12:40 p.m.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Hall of Fame Banquet Appreciation Dinner Officials Banquet Spring Banquet Leadership Symposium

September 19, 2022 Little America Hotel November ?, 2022 TBA

January 23rd or 30th, 2023 TBA
April 5, 2023 (Wed) Little America Hotel January 2024 TBA