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We invite you to be part of Utah’s Premier Sports Organization by JOINING THE FOUNDATION!  The USHOFF is an approved IRS 501(c)(3) charitable foundation.  Your contribution of $60 or more can be considered tax-deductible and will INCLUDE YOUR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES.  Complete the online “Membership Application” and make your $60 contribution by credit card or by check.  Read more about the accomplishments and goals of the Foundation below.

Since its inception in 1967, the goal of the Utah Sports Hall of Fame Foundation has been to celebrate and preserve Utah’s storied sports heritage.  In 1970, the Charter Class of 18 honorees was inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Since then, a select number of Utah players, coaches, administrators, and prominent contributors to athletics have been inducted annually into the Hall of Fame.  At the Anniversary Gala last fall, the USHOFF paid tribute to 50 Years of Hall of Famers and Sports History.  It was a historic and memorable night as 70 of the 107 living Hall of Famers marched into the Grand America Ballroom with their respective classes!  In addition to the Fall Hall of Fame Banquet, the annual Spring Banquet honors distinguished high school coaches and contributors.  The USHOFF also provides eight annual scholarships of $2,000 to deserving Utah high school seniors.  This year, the USHOFF will sponsor their first statewide Leadership Symposium,   “For the Love of the Sport,” for current high school coaches, athletic directors and college students preparing to enter the coaching ranks.  With the continued support of its membership, the USHOFF will strive to “Honor the Past,” “Award the Future” and “Lead the Present.”