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Utah Sports Hall of Fame Foundation
Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Please follow the criteria at the bottom and submit form using the button. For your convenience, a printable form is also available. If used, please mail form to:
Utah Sports Hall of Fame Foundation
3434 Bengal Blvd #106
Salt Lake City, Utah 84121


The purpose of the Utah Sports Hall of Fame Foundation is to recognize and honor athletes, coaches, administrators, and others who have had a great influence, who have merited recognition and distinction and who, by their exploits, accomplishments and activities in regard to sports events, have brought fame and honor to the state of Utah.

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  • Individual selected to an All-American Team
  • Olympic Team member or Head Coach
  • World or National Champion or Record Holder in a recognized event or sport
  • Athlete, Head Coach or Administrator of a professional sport at the highest level
  • Individual who has held an international or national leadership position in a sport
  • Individual who has received an international or national award, which has had an impact on sports in Utah
  • Utah native or 10-year resident (exceptions to this criterion may be considered)